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Please submit all requests for quotes to sales@roadrunnerfasteners.com

Or, Call 520-825-7277 for immediate assistance.

Or, Fax your request to 520-818-2140.

Sometimes we have to submit your request to a factory to get a quote
or we have to search the country to find a small quantity of an item.
This may take a couple of days before we return a quote.

This is what we need to give you a proper quote:

  • Exact quantity or specify price breaks up to a maximum quantity you are willing to purchase
  • Any certifications required must be specified at the time of the quote request
  • Blueprint if applicable
  • Military specification parts - AN, MS, NAS, NASM - just the part number with dash numbers
  • Other part number - manufacturer name and part number
  • No part number - we need a full description, see below

A full description of a screw would include the following:

  • Material, grade
  • Thread diameter, length of the screw, threads per inch or the pitch
  • Head style, drive style (phillips, slot, etc.)
  • Manufacturing specification
  • Plating or finish if any



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